Colour code your outfits according to your mood

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Ever felt that your outfit was giving you an extra spring in your step? Want to stand out from the crowd? If so, stock up your wardrobe with a healthy dose of colour! Be it pink, blue, yellow or white, colours are a great way to boost your mood and flaunt your personality.
Here are 5 colours to fill your wardrobe with:

Brick red asymmetric ruffle trim jumpsuit


Take on the streets confidently with a Brick Red Asymmetric Ruffle-Trim Jumpsuit piece by Moonflower. Heads will turn as you hit the streets for a romantic night out with your significant other or a fun-filled flirty hang out session with your girlfriends. Channel your inner goddess by being bold and confident in this brick red piece.

Yellow front zip midi dress


You will look as radiant as the sun in Moonflower’s Yellow Front Zip Midi Dress. Light up any room you walk in with this piece as you exude positive vibes. Yellow is also great colour to pick up anyone who is having a bad day, put on this piece when you need a mood boost to get you through the day.

Blue sheath dress with asymmetric hem


Calm, cool and collected is how you will feel when wearing the Blue Sheath Dress with Asymmetric hem by Moonflower. Blue is a great colour when you need some stability in your life, put on this piece when you’re looking forward to enjoying a calm day. Wear it while taking a stroll along the beach or during a casual and relaxing day out at the park.

Pink and Fuschia dresses


Look fun and bubbly in Moonflower’s Fuchsia Front Zip Middle Dress. Show the world your fun side and attend afternoon brunches and tea parties with this piece. You can also tone it down with a lighter shade of pink with the Pink Sheath Dress with Asymmetric Hems while still teasing a hint of bubbliness.

White Asymmetric Ruffle Trim Jumpsuit


Go back to basics with the White Asymmetric Ruffle Trim-Jumpsuit. Symbolically a colour that exudes purity and renewal, this piece is great for those who are beginning a new chapter in their lives be it starting a new job or hobby or settling down in a new place. Use this piece as a standalone or pair it with up with a small pop of colour in different places.